Jagdhatri Papers (P) Ltd

A leading Kraft Paper Manufacturing Company, committed to preserving the Environment.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Jagdhatri Papers has been instrumental in its role to work towards environmental protection and clean energy development. Many of our stakeholders are especially interested in how the firm manages topics related to climate change. Matters related to climate change are an important component of our sustainability strategy and efforts.

We assess and identify new or emerging ESG issues that could impact or be impacted by our firm on an ongoing basis. We also monitor ESG trends and policy developments and work towards adopting industry best practices.


We continuously look for opportunities to improve our contribution towards sustainable environmental development. We are committed to managing our direct impacts on the environment, including water and energy consumption, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, by educating both our employees and business partners on the importance of our collective impact.

  • Renewable Energy: The use of renewable energy where aligned with operational performance is a key strategy in our energy management effort. Our company is working towards commissioning a Solar Power Plant which would indeed help the company reduce carbon footprints. In addition, we also source our energy requirements from sustainable sources such as Windmills. These are a part of the company’s long term vision of achieving a ‘Net Carbon Zero Emission’ level and contribute towards UN’s sustainable development goals.
  • Reducing Waste and Sourcing Responsibly: We also understand the shared value of protecting the rich biodiversity in areas where we operate and take steps to ensure its resilience. Responsible resource and waste management are important elements of our sustainability strategy, helping us reduce our impacts while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our focus is on reducing our water and waste footprint. Our company runs an Effluent Treatment Plant with a capacity upto 1100 cubic meters per day. By setting up the plant, the company does not dispose any effluent generated through its production process into the environment. We treat such effluents and reuse the same into our production process. This also helps the company to address issues related to water scarcity as we aim to minimize sourcing fresh water resources.

The company proactively looks to identify and resolve several forms of social challenges on a constant and regular basis. We are focused heavily upon Human Capital Management and Development by continuously training our employees and upskilling their potential to achieve highest levels of human capital efficiency. Labour Management and Safety is also a part of our Business Principles. The company has set up practices to ensure implementation of our safety guidelines. The company’s management team constantly modify and improve industry guidelines in order to improve management and safety of labour. The Senior Management of the company look to ensure that the needs of various stakeholders are satisfied. We constantly work towards technological development in order to continuously improve product quality and serve our customers. We also ensure that best practices are being followed in terms of Supply Chain Labour Management in our to extend our Business Principles to our stakeholders.

Our governance structures and processes strive to promote accountability, transparency and ethical behaviour — and we regularly evaluate and enhance them to help us operate at the highest levels of performance in everything we do.

  • Management: Our management structure is intended to encourage effective leadership that is consistent with our corporate standards and promotes a strong corporate culture. We manage our firm on a line of business basis, while also maintaining strong corporate functions and appropriate governance.
  • Ethical Practices: Ethics and culture are key focus areas of our Management Team. Earning and maintaining the trust of customers, clients and other stakeholders is essential to our business. To do this, we strive to maintain the highest ethical standards, as encompassed by our Business Principles. As part of the annual review process, all employees are evaluated against common performance dimensions that include delivering business results; addressing the needs of clients, customers and stakeholders and acting with integrity.

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